About Us

Aislinn Hardwood flooring was founded in 1993. 

Real wood has always been our preferred choice for Flooring. It’s timeless, warm, comfortable, natural and lasts a lifetime with minimal care.  Despite many attempts to mimic its look it continues to retain its popularity and is by far the preferred choice of flooring for homes. 

We constantly strive to improve on the flooring services we provide.  Keeping up with new trends keeps wood flooring contemporary while at the same time the homeowner retains the initial investment first made when that real wood floor was installed. 

We’ve seen many changes in the industry through the years- none more so then in recent times where along with the demand for traditional warm red, red/brown and gold toned floors there’s been a demand for cooler tones, especially greys. There is also a growing demand for oil finishes as well as the traditional lacquers.

Now over 25 years later we’ve launched Aislinn Woodcare. Partnering with WOCA Denmark - leading manufacturers of floor finishing products - enables us to stay right on trend while supplying products that are environmentally friendly.


For surface preparation, finishing, cleaning or maintenance of wood surfaces including Natural Oil, Lacquered and UV Oil  flooring, table tops, worktops, decking and cladding we can offer products which can provide lasting protection and beauty. For care and maintenance of painted surfaces and sealed surfaces with vinyl, PVC, linoleum, laminate / LVT or glazed tiles we can offer products clean and strengthen.