With the specially developed WOCA flooring products, wood floors are kept beautiful and well protected. We offer an extensive range of products for pre-treatment, basic finishing and maintenance for different types of floor finishes and different species of wood.



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Floor Prepare Products


Woca Denmark's overall purpose of pre-treating wood floors is to create beautiful effects and contemporary designs. These pre-treatment products are the first step in the WOCA system in preparing the wooden floor for finish. 

Floor Treatment Products

Woca Denmark's floor finishing products are based on natural oils and soaps, which strengthen and stimulate the natural qualities of the wood.

Floor Maintenance Products

Regular maintenance is vital in order to keep the wood floors in a strong and beautiful condition for a long time. Well-kept surfaces also result in fast and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Oiled Floor Cleaning Starter Set
   Oiled Floor Cleaning Starter Set

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Cleaning & Maintenance

The finish on your floor determines the proper cleaning procedure

To maintain the beauty and strength of flooring for a longtime, proper cleaning is essential.

It is important to clean wood flooring carefully using products that are specifically designed for this purpose.  Using the incorrect product can leave your wood discoloured and unprotected.

WOCA have developed soaps for regular floor cleaning. Cleaning with these Natural Soaps regularly will result in your floor becoming more hardwearing, dirt resistant and easier to clean.


Cleaning guidelines for Oil finishes

WOCA Natural Soap is a superb wood soap, and important for cleaning oil finished floors as it leaves a microscopically, invisible soap layer on the wood surface.  This means dirt tracked onto the floors adheres to the soap instead of the wood fibers, making cleaning easier and faster. Along with cleaning Natural soap leaves an invisible layer of soy and coconut fat behind which helps to ward off almost anything.  It cleans and protects like a moisturising cleanser.

To refresh oil finished floors use WOCA Oil Refresher.

This cleans the surface and has a bit of oil in it, which rejuvenates the finish.

WOCA Natural Soap and WOCA Oil Refresher work together as a system to clean, protect and revive your floor. For a durable, well protected, beautiful oil finish, we recommend mopping with WOCA Natural Soap on a regular basis and mopping with WOCA Oil Refresher approx. every fourth time or as needed.

Use two buckets to clean flooring properly, one containing the soap solution and a second with pure water to rinse the mop. Change the water in the second bucket as needed. This method prevents the floor from getting a greyish gleam caused by dirty water. Do not leave excess water on the floor surface, wipe with a well wrung out mop.

To rejuvenate oil finishes WOCA produce Intensive Wood Cleaner followed WOCA Maintenance Oil or WOCA  Maintenance Oil Diamond Active

Click here for further information on WOCA Products for Oil finishes which can be found by browsing through the downloads.   


Cleaning guidelines for Lacquer finishes and Laminates

It is advisable to clean lacquered floors with a specially developed soap, such as WOCA Master Cleaner (AKA WOCA Master Vinyl Care). This pH-neutral soap efficiently removes dirt and grease from the surface without affecting the actual lacquer finish.  The product leaves no build up of soap making it ideal for surfaces which require frequent cleaning such as kitchen floors.

WOCA  Master Cleaner is an ideal cleaner for vinyl and laminate flooring.  It effectively removes dust and dirt without leaving a buildup of soap making it very suitable for cleaning in high traffic areas.

WOCA  Master Cleaner is also suitable for cleaning of linoleum, PVC, painted surfaces and floor tiles.

Click here for further information on WOCA Products for Lacquer finishes which can be found by browsing through the downloads.   




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