Woca Denmark's range of products for interior woodwork is developed with the emphasis on nourishing and protecting the natural qualities to help make the wood look beautiful for many years.



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Indoor Prepare Products

Indoor wood becomes dirty and dull over time. Therefore, all dirt must be removed from the surface prior to any treatment. A thorough pre-treatment will provide a more beautiful and durable result in the end.

Indoor Treatment Products

Woca Denmark's basic finishing products are developed to protect the wood with the aim of providing a healthy living environment and prolonging the life of the wood surface.

Indoor Maintenance Products

With regular maintenance, interior wood will keep its natural properties for years and become more and more beautiful over the course of time.


Wooden Worktops

Along with being aesthetically pleasing wooden worktops add warmth to the kitchen.  Not only pleasant to touch, they are durable and mature with age. They are hygienic and easy to clean.  With daily wear and tear worktops need refurbishment or re-oiling from time to time.

WOCA Worktop Oil is specially developed for such work, providing strong protection and high resistance to spills and scratches.  It nourishes, protects and enhances the wood’s natural beauty.

Manufactured in compliance with EU regulations it is completely safe for food contact after drying.

Solid Oak Kitchen Island Finished

with Woca Denmark's Natural Worktop Oil

Protect Your Investment

WOCA Protects Your Wood