With the specially developed WOCA outdoor products, We offer high-quality products that protect, preserve and enhance the beauty of exterior wood whilst stimulating the wood and ensuring long-lasting durability.




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Outdoor Prepare Products

Prior to the actual finishing, weather-beaten wood must be cleaned carefully to remove dirt, grease and green growth completely.

Outdoor Treatment Products

A professional finish prolongs the durability of exterior wood considerably as well as protecting the wood from outdoor influences, such as sunlight, rain, humidity and fluctuating temperatures.

Outdoor Maintenance Products

Regular maintenance is vital in order to keep the wood floors in a strong and beautiful condition for a long time. Well-kept surfaces also result in fast and easy cleaning and maintenance.




       Exterior Woodcare Special Offer Bundle

consisting of

4 x 2.5L units of WOCA Exterior Oil

1 x 70mm FSC Block Brush

1 x FSC Roller set

Available in a range of colours




WOCA Exterior Cleaner is specially developed for removing dirt without causing any damage. Cleaning is an essential first step as without it the oil will be unable to penetrate the wood to nourish and protect it.
Once clean and completely dry WOCA Exterior Oil can be applied.

Exterior Deep Cleaner is an intensive cleaning product for when extra cleaning is needed.

Pre-treatment  - WOCA produces an Exterior Wood Primer as an additional optional step which enhances adhesion of the finishing treatment.  


WOCA Exterior Oil - a treatment which gives lasting protection and a water and dirt resistant surface.  It has two unique properties – a UV filter to protect against discoloration for the sun and a special consistency that makes it easy to work with.

Wood Shield - As an alternative to Exterior Wood Oil, WOCA 's Wood Shield is the solution to maintain a grey patina which untreated outdoor wood takes on.  It gives long lasting protection and a water and dirt resistant surface.

Exterior Wash-in Oil is a mild soap for cleaning and care of oiled outdoor surfaces, such as wooden patios and garden furniture.  Not only is it a non-harsh surface cleaner, it also adds extra oil to the surface, penetrating the wood and providing additional protection for up to 6 week.

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