Tannin Spot Remover
  • Neutralises discolouration
  • Ready mixed
  • Simple application
  • For small areas
  • Requires additional treatment
Size: 0.25L
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Wood Lye
  • Provides a lighter finish.
  • Reduces the yellowing process of the wood
  • Requires subsequent treatment with oil
  • Suitable for any type of wood
  • Certified by IBR
Colours: White, Grey Size 2.5L
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Spray Mop
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Cleans and maintains all types of flooring
  • Cotton & microfiber pad
  • Simple application
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Maintenance Oil
  • Revitalises oil-treated wood
  • Makes floors even more durable
  • Highlights the glow and grain structure of the wood
  • Gives the wood a beautiful and breathable surface
  • Certified by IBR
  • Please see video and suggested application tools below
Colour: Natural, White, Extra White, Grey, Brown Size: 1L, 2.5L
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Maintenance Gel
  • Revitalises oil-treated wood
  • Especially suitable for UV-oiled surfaces
  • Excellent results on factory-oiled surfaces
  • Makes surfaces even more durable
  • Can be applied manually with a polish pad or by machine using a buffer
Colour: Natural, White, Walnut Size: 0.2L
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Spot Remover
  • Effective spot cleaner
  • Removes spots from wood surfaces, e.g. coffee and red wine
  • Sprayable
Size: 0.25L
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Applicator for Oils/Lyes
  • 228mm (9") applicator handle and pad
  • For applying wood lyes and oils
  • For both internal and external application
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Thinline Polishing Pads 16″
  • 16" Polishing pads
  • 8mm thick
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Product name - Diamond Oil Active above an image of light oak flooring finished in this floor finishing oil
Diamond Oil Active
  • Resistant to liquids such as water, coffee, tea and red wine
  • Resistant to scratches and marks
  • Gives the wood a beautiful, breathable surface
  • Approved for indoor use
Colour; White, Smoked Brown, Sand Grey, Natural, Extra White, Concrete Grey, Carbon Black, Chocolate Brown, Caramel Brown Size: 1L, 2.5L
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White strong plastic container with a label containing an image of a cleaned timber floor
Master Cleaner
  • For lacquered, vinyl and laminate floors
  • Effective care and cleaning
  • Produces a stronger, more resistant surface
  • Fast and easy to use
  • IBR-certified
Size: 0.25L, 1L
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Thickline Polishing Pad 16″
  • 16" Polishing pads
  • 20mm thick
  • Perfect for applying WOCA Denmark Oil
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Twist Mop
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Wring-out-system
  • Cotton mop head
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