Petersons Premier Roller Sleeve
  • 228mm x 40mm core diameter
  • Ideal for applying chemical based lacquers or chemical based primers
  • Excellent product for the application of hardwax or penetrating oils to wood surfaces
  • Ideal for the application of oil based paints
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Wool Polishing Pads 16″
  • 16" Wool Polishing Pads
  • For maintenance of floors especially wooden floors
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9" Roller Frame and thick pile sleeve
9″ Roller Frame & Thick-pile Sleeve Set
  • Roller frame & thick-pile roller sleeve sets
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25cm White thick pile microfibre roller sleeve with core insert.
25cm Thick-pile Roller Sleeve (Core insert)
25cm thick-pile microfiber roller sleeve perfect for the application of lacquer to wooden floors. These rollers are a popular choice for applying varnishes to surfaces such as floors and stairs. Has core insert suitable for bar style frame.
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9″ Bar Roller Frame
High quality 9" roller frame for 9" roller sleeve with insert or a roller core with end caps
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Master Base Primer, Nordic White
  • Priming of wood before lacquering
  • Quick-drying
  • Reduces side-bonding
  • Economical in use
  • Minimizes penetration of tannic acid
  • Reduced overlapping
Colour; Nordic White Size: 5L
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Silicium Brush
  • Silicium Brush for cleaning exterior wood surface
  • Fits WOCA telescope stick
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Silicium Carbon Brush for 16″ Buffing Machine
  • 16" Silicium Carbon Brush for buffing machine
  • For cleaning exterior wood surface
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Colour Tray
  • Colour tray for 250mm rollers or pads
  • For applying lyes, oils or lacquers
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Super Pad
  • Replacement pads for grab handle or doodlebug handle
  • 90x150mm
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Normal Pad
  • 8mm thick normal pad
  • 250x115mm
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Replacement Pad
  • Replacement pads for grab handle
  • 90x150mm
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