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Antique Oak Lye

43,50 exc VAT

  • Gives Oak wood an ammonia smoked appearance
  • Requires subsequent treatment with oil
  • Only for Oak wood
  • Does not contain pigments
  • Certified by IBR

Size: 2.5L


Antique Oak Lye has been specially developed to produce an ammonia smoked appearance to Oak wood. This product is user-friendly but corrosive and should be handled with caution during application. Since the product reacts with the tannic acid in the Oak, the colour after application may vary depending on the concentration of tannin in the wood. However, it creates a very unique colour and Vintage appearance. The final colour will be achieved after 1-2 months.

How to use

The unfinished woodwork must be clean, dry and finely sanded (grit 100-120) before applying the lye.  
  • Shake the container well and pour the lye into a plastic bucket.
  • Apply an even coat of the lye with the WOCA Applicator, a nylon brush or roller lengthwise along the grain. Apply at least 1 L of lye per 10 m² of wood. Leave wood to dry for approx. 2-4 hours at 20°C.
  • Clean with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner and leave to dry for approx. 8-12 hours at 20°C.
  • De-nib standing fibres with a medium e.g. green or bordeaux, sanding polishing pad. Remove the sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Finish the wood surface with a WOCA oil or soap.

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