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Driftwood Lye

54,00 exc VAT

  • Gives Oak a weather-beaten patina
  • Requires additional treatment with oil
  • Best results achieved on Oak wood
  • Certified by IBR

Colours: White, Grey

Size 2.5L

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WOCA Driftwood Lye is a unique product, which gives the wood a weather-beaten patina. The product is primarily for Oak wood. By using this product, the wood will get a very nice two-dimensional design. The surface must be treated with one of the WOCA oils. The product is water-based.

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Driftwood Lye Grey, Driftwood Lye White

How to use

The unfinished woodwork must be clean, dry and finely sanded (grit 100-120) before applying the lye.
  • Shake the container well and pour the lye into a plastic bucket. It is important that no pigments are left in the container. Stir regularly during the application to prevent the pigments from settling to the bottom.
  • Apply an even coat of the lye with the WOCA Applicator, a nylon brush or roller lengthwise along the grain. Apply at least 1 L of lye per 10 m² of wood. Leave wood to dry for approx. 8-12 hours at 20°C
  • De-nib standing fibres and remove excess pigments with a medium e.g. green or bordeaux, sanding polishing pad. Remove the sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Finish the wood surface with a WOCA oil.


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