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Exterior Wood Primer

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  • Water-based primer for highly absorbent wood
  • Reduces cracking in the wood
  • Extends the lifetime of the wood
  • Protects the wood against moisture

Size: 2.5L

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Exterior Wood Primer is a water-based wood primer for priming surfaces such as façades, windows, fences, carports, etc. The product protects the wood, as well as enhancing adhesion and durability of a subsequent surface treatment such as WOCA exterior oil. Exterior Wood Primer is very well suited for fir, accoya, larch, pine, oak and pressure-impregnated wood.

How to use

Clean the surface with WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner. The surface must be completely dry and free of dust and dirt. New wood should be treated as soon as possible. The treatment with Exterior Wood Primer must be performed in dry weather, at a temperature between 15-30°C. Avoid direct sunlight and intense heat. Wood humidity must not exceed 17%.
  • Shake the container well.
  • Apply Exterior Wood Primer undiluted, with a brush or roller. It is important that the product is applied thoroughly and evenly. Start with the end sections of the wood.
Optimum durability is achieved by regular cleaning and correct treatment, depending on the construction, the condition of the wood and wind and weather.


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