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Spray Mop

26,50 exc VAT

  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Cleans and maintains all types of flooring
  • Cotton & microfiber pad
  • Simple application


Spray Mop makes floor cleaning easy and fast. The practical design of the mop and the quality pad are designed for efficient and gently cleaning of all types of flooring, e.g. wood, tiles, laminate and vinyl. Supplied with a 0,75 L refillable bottle and 2 x 2 Sample of Natural Soap and Lacquer/Vinyl/Laminate Soap.

How to use…

  1. Assemble
  2. Add soap
  3. Add water
  4. Clean the floor

After each use, fill the refill bottle with water and activate the sprayer to clean the spout.

 Replacement Spray Mop Head available – see Accessories Page

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Beige, White


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Twist Mop
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  • Wring-out-system
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Oil Refreshing Soap – Spray
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Commercial Soap
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Replacement Spray Mop Head
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Twist Mop Replacement Head
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Spot Remover
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Maintenance Gel
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  • Especially suitable for UV-oiled surfaces
  • Excellent results on factory-oiled surfaces
  • Makes surfaces even more durable
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