Master Filler Aqua
  • Easy to sand once it has cured
  • Water-based
  • Thick, elastic consistency
  • Odour neutral
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Size 5L
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Driftwood Lye
  • Gives Oak a weather-beaten patina
  • Requires additional treatment with oil
  • Best results achieved on Oak wood
  • Certified by IBR
Colours: White, Grey Size 2.5L
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On the container there is an image of a room with a chair and a fitted timber floor lightened and altered in colour by the antique lye
Antique Oak Lye
  • Gives Oak wood an ammonia smoked appearance
  • Requires subsequent treatment with oil
  • Only for Oak wood
  • Does not contain pigments
  • Certified by IBR
Size: 2.5L
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