Strong white plastic container with a label showing an image of a timber floor looking slightly stripped after cleaning with this product
Intensive Wood Cleaner
  • For unfinished, oiled, waxed, lacquered or soaped indoor wood
  • Removes old soap residue, grease and dirt
  • Effectively prepares the surface for treatment
  • Also used for maintenance
  • For indoor use
Size: 1L, 2.5L
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Roller Sleeve for Applying Oil
Roller Sleeve for Applying Oil
  • 228mm x 40mm core diameter
  • Roller sleeve for applying varnishes, oil based paints and oil finishes to smooth surfaces
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Oil Refreshing Soap – Spray
Oil Refreshing Soap – Spray
Revitalising natural cleaner for wood
  • Ensures maximum dirt and water resistance from day one
  • Enhances the natural colour of the wood
  • Cleans and maintains the floor gently
  • Leaves a mat protecting oil film on the wood surface
  • For regular refreshing
  • Colours: Natural, White
  • Size: 0.75 ltr
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Worktop Oil
  • Oiling of wooden worktops and furniture
  • Provides a dirt and water resistant surface
  • Natural appearance
  • Can be used on all wood species
  • Highlights the glow and grain structure of the wood
  • Safe for food contact
Colour: Natural, White, Grey, Black Size: 0.75L
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Spot Remover
  • Effective spot cleaner
  • Removes spots from wood surfaces, e.g. coffee and red wine
  • Sprayable
Size: 0.25L
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Spray Mop
Spray Mop
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Cleans and maintains all types of flooring
  • Cotton & microfiber pad
  • Simple application
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Applicator for Oils/Lyes
Applicator for Oils/Lyes
  • 228mm (9") applicator handle and pad
  • For applying wood lyes and oils
  • For both internal and external application
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Maintenance Box – Oiled Floors
Maintenance Box – Oiled Floors
  • 3 x 1L
  • Maintain the life of an oiled floor
Colour; Natural, White Size: 1 Kit
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Bees` Wax
  • Natural waxing of smaller wood surfaces
  • Creates a smooth finish on interior woodwork
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Enhances the natural structure of the wood
Colour: Natural Size: 0.25L
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Tannin Spot Neutralizer
  • Neutralises discolouration
  • Ready mixed
  • Simple application
  • For small areas
  • Requires additional treatment
Size: 0.25L
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Master Vista Lacquer
  • High-end solution for domestic areas
  • Light Nordic look
  • Good resistance
  • Low odour
  • Indoor climate labelled
  Sheen; GL-10 (matt), GL-20 (silk matt), GL-40 (satin) Size: 5L Note: This Lacquer is previously known as Superior Lacquer
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Hardwax Oil Swift
  • Apply with roller and paint brush
  • Good resistant to water, coffee, tea and red wine
  • Resistant to scratches and marks
  • Gives the wood a natural appearance and breathable surface
  • Easy to maintain using associated care products
Colour; Natural, White Size: 2.5L
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