Intensive Wood Cleaner, spray
  • For unfinished, oiled, waxed, lacquered or soaped indoor wood
  • Removes old soap residue, grease and dirt
  • Effectively prepares the surface for treatment
  • Also used for maintenance
  • For indoor use
Size: 0.75L
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9″ Roller Frame & Thick-pile Sleeve Set
9″ Roller Frame & Thick-pile Sleeve Set
  • Roller frame & thick-pile roller sleeve sets
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Commercial Soap
Commercial Soap
  • Universal floor cleaner
  • Effective care and cleaning of all floors
  • Particularly suitable for large areas exposed to frequent cleaning
  • May be used both manually or with machine
  • Certified by IBR
Colour; Natural Size: 5L
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Hand Scrubber Flex – 5 Pack
Hand Scrubber Flex – 5 Pack
  • For polishing and cleaning wooden or stone surfaces
  • Suitable for for applying oil finishes and waxes.
  • 90x150mm
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Patina-Disc – 150mm
Patina-Disc – 150mm
  • 6 pcs.
  • 150mm discs
  • Provides a flawless smooth finish to the wood
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Surface Preparation Pad 16″
Surface Preparation Pad 16″
  • 16" sanding pad for buffer
  • 8mm thick
  • Suitable for buffing floor prior to apply oil or lacquer finish
  • Maroon
  • For achieving flawless results
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Maintenance Box – Vinyl and Lacquered Floors
Maintenance Box – Vinyl and Lacquered Floors
  • 3 x 1L
  • Water based
  • Maintain the life of a Lacquered floor
Size: 1 Kit
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Exterior Wood Cleaner
  • Effective removal of dirt, stains and grease
  • Prepares the surface for subsequent treatment
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to use
Size: 2.5L
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Multi Cleaner
  • Multi Cleaner
  • Ready mixed – easy to use
  • Also suitable for universal cleaning of other exterior items such as window frames, cladding, etc.
  • Ecologically friendly product
  • Please contact us directly to order this product.
Size: 0.75L
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Master Invisible 2K Lacquer
Master Invisible 2K Lacquer
  • Wood floor lacquer with a neutral look
  • 2-component floor lacquer
  • Provides the wood with a silky smooth, breathable, flexible and self-matting finish
  • Ultra-mat gloss level
  • Produces a unique invisible, untreated look
Colour; Neutral Size: 5L
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Round Brown Ultimax 90mm Disc - 7 hole
Mirka Ultimax 90mm 7 hole Disc
Ultimax Velcro Disc
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